Bringing Together Software and Hardware

Connect real things you can touch with your bare hands with services in the internet. We believe the future is the internet of things, but not as a marketing phrase. Combining internet and real life applications is the next step of the evolution of the internet. rootfrogs can provide all services needed to bring real life applications in the internet.

What We Can Do For You

Web Technology

HTML, Javascript, PHP, Python, MYSQL everything you need to have an excellent webservice.


We create hardware designs of new electronics and products through PCB design while improving on manufacturing costs.


Not only can we provide the hardware but we can also provide you the frmware for your design. Our services work from the chip to the browser as we create hardware, sofware, back-end, and front-end solutons.


We can do a lot more than code and can actually brainstorm solutions that create a design that fits your ideas.


We believe that technology only works as good as those who work together. We are a strong team that has oodles of spirit. Our customers are more than that, they are partners and we are a team.


Speed up your development with us. We provide all technologies in one brand.

Meet The Team




Products Powered By rootfrogs:

GetInTouch - a Twitch extension for real interactions

GetInTouch Twitch Extension

GetInTouch is a Twitch extension which lets viewers control real gadgets from twitch streamers. A product developed and maintained by rootfrogs.


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